Design Matters

Reflecting DAP’s commitment to engage with the leading issues driving contemporary architecture and urbanism, and at the same time promote work of emerging practices and recent graduates, this series of topic-based publications presents leading architectural and urban thought and practice in its social, theoretical and historical context. The unique contribution of this series will be to combine scholarly and critical essays with examples of leading and innovative design work.  

The series is intended to be globally oriented, including where relevant: North and South American, European, Asian/South Asian and African/North African work and concerns. Notwithstanding the widespread use of English, language remains a huge barrier to scholarly exchange in architecture. This series aims to help bridge this gap, by actively seeking out work that has yet to reach an English readership. Additionally, as an academic press, DAP has a particular opportunity to reach out to colleagues in the developing world.

Situated Practices in Architecture and Politics
Authors: Kai Wood Mah and Patrick Lynn Rivers