Situated Practices in Architecture and Politics

TITLE: Situated Practices in Architecture and Politics

AUTHORS: Kai Wood Mah and Patrick Lynn Rivers

SERIES: Design Matters

FORMAT: 6” x 9,” paper cover, 120 pages, colour images, CIP 

ISBN: 9780929112770
PRICE: $39.95 (CAD)

Situated Practice Cover Art

Situated Practices in Architecture and Politics brings together five transformative architectural practices from around the globe – Fasil Giorghis Consulting in Addis Ababa, working with the World Monuments Fund; Patama Roonrakwit and CASE Architects in Bangkok; Guillaume Lévesque and Architectes de l’urgence et de la coopération in Montréal; Paulo Mendes da Rocha + MMBB Arquitetos in São Paulo; and Lacaton & Vassal in Paris – to critique the assumptions, working methods, and embedded social and political biases within “normal” architectural practice. Their changing ethics of practice, and the ways in which they problematize their contexts – neoliberal political and architectural economies, in deeply and increasingly unequal societies – inform an emerging critical discourse that is reshaping the field and its relationship to larger global forces. Architects must both sustain themselves and respond to the compelling concerns of our time; this book creates a forum for navigating such choices.