Arthur Erickson : Layered Landscapes, Revised second edition

TITLE : Arthur Erickson : Layered Landscapes, revised second edition

EDITORS : Linda Fraser and Michelangelo Sabatino

SUBJECT : A survey document produced in conjunction with the exhibition Layered Landscapes which examines selected drawings of Arthur Erickson from the Canadian Architectural Archives collection, accompanied by photographs of the finished buildings. Contains drawings from 14 projects, with a series foreword, a foreword by Kenneth Frampton, and essays by Michelangelo Sabatino and Linda Fraser + Geoffrey Simmins.

SERIES: Canadian Modern

FORMAT : 8.5" x 8.5", paper cover, 80 pages, black & white images

PUBLISHED : September 2016

ISBN : 9780929112671

PRICE : $39.95 (CAD)

REVIEWS : Graham Livesey, Canadian Architect, review of the Canadian Modern series, 2018

Bill Jeffries, BC Studies, review of BattersbyHowat and the first edition of Layered Landscapes, 2014