IV. Proposal Submission

  1. Please submit the final package in a well organized PDF document, including a list of appendices (bookmarks to navigate large documents are helpful), signature/statement from the Dean, and confirmation of faculty-level approval. Syllabi should be included in a seperate (combined) PDF file; 

  2. Please review the checklist on the Dalhousie/MPHEC form to ensure all required/applicable documents have been included; 

  3. Please include your Academic Support Unit tracking sheet [PDF] with your submission (for internal use by the Academic Quality Assurance Manager only); 

  4. Proposals should be submitted to the appropriate contact on the right (for undergraduate or graduate) for consideration by the Faculty of Graduate Studies (V.) or Undergraduate Academic Programs Subcommittee of Senate (VI);  

  5. Once submitted, proposals are facilitated through the required approval bodies. The proposer will be informed of upcoming meeting dates and be invited to present and respond to questions. All decisions will be communicated promply by email following the meeting.