I. Concept Phase

Development and presentation of a Concept Paper is a way for proposers to flesh out ideas and obtain feedback prior to preparing a full proposal. A concept paper is required for all Proposals for New Programs  and some Program Modifications. It is expected that the proposed program will undergo some change as the proposers move from concept paper to full proposal.
  1. Discussion with appropriate program proposal contact (undergraduate or graduate) regarding process to be followed and scope of proposal (especially around determining the extent of proposed modifications to a program (see ‘major’ versus ‘minor’ modifications) and whether a Concept Paper will be required; 

  2. Access Concept Paper Template [Word] Login required;

  3. Consult with faculty Dean and/or Associate Dean Academic (FGS for graduate programs), colleagues and Financial Administrator (“initiating group”) regarding interest in proposing or modifying an academic program. Senior administration in your faculty should be aware and supportive of the proposal from an early stage. For Concept Papers for New Programs, the Dean should discuss with the Provost/VP Academic;

    Proposers may also find it useful to consult with the Centre for Learning and Teaching at this stage;

  4. Obtain department/school and faculty-level approval of Concept Paper;

  5. Submit Concept Paper to the appropriate contact on the right (undergraduate or graduate); 

  6. Concept Papers are recommended to the Senate Academic Programs and Reseach Committee (SAPRC) for approval (endorsement to proceed to a full proposal) by the Faculty of Graduate Studies or the Undergraduate Academic Programs Subcommittee (UAPSC) [PDF].  

Approval Process for Concept Papers 

Undergraduate Graduate
Department/school approval Department/school approval
Faculty approval Faculty approval
SAPRC endorsement to proceed to full proposal SAPRC endorsement to proceed to full proposal