SoTL Series

The CLT’s SoTL Series is an annual series of workshops on the topic of SoTL. Each workshop is between 1–3 hours long, and is offered annually throughout the fall, winter, and spring terms in a combination of face-to-face, blended and online (asynchronous and synchronous) delivery. The goal of the CLT’s SoTL Series is to provide regular and flexible SoTL programming offered by CLT staff and members of the Dalhousie community and beyond.

The workshops are open to any anyone (instructor, faculty, and/or student) at Dalhousie University.

*Participants of the SoTL Scholars Program are required to attend the workshops The Principles of SoTL, The SoTL Process, and Engaging in Ethical SoTL, plus at least three other workshops of their choice to meet the requirements of the Program.

Fall Term 2023 SoTL Series Sessions

Sept 26, 2023: The Principles of SoTL

Oct 19, 2023: Searching the Teaching and Learning Literature

Oct 24, 2023: Engaging in Ethical SoTL