A.I. in Creative Writing Class (GenA.I. CoP)

Wednesday, April 24
2-3 p.m.
Online via Microsoft Teams
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Join us for the April meeting of Dalhousie’s Generative A.I. in Teaching and Learning Community of Practice. In this meeting, we will be hosting a presentation/workshop. If not already a member of the CoP, register for the event to receive information on joining the Teams site. You can also search for “GenA.I. CoP” in Teams to join.

This month’s topic: A.I. in Creative Writing Class


Becca Babcock, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

This session is limited to those in the Dalhousie and the University of King's College community.



Additional Information

About the GenA.I. CoP:

The aim of the GenA.I. in Teaching and Learning Community of Practice is to create a space for cautious, critical, and open discussion and sharing around using (or not using) generative artificial intelligence in the classroom or in teaching and learning work. We welcome presentations or other organized discussions that showcase use in classrooms; discuss ethical use; describe guiding students in its use/non-use; or brainstorm general implications or consequences for any aspect of teaching, learning or being part of the university.

Anyone is welcome to join the GenA.I. CoP, including instructors, graduate students, staff, and faculty. No expertise in generative A.I. is required. Reach out to eLearning@dal.ca with any questions or to be added to the Teams site.