GenA.I. in Teaching and Learning Community of Practice

The CLT has created a Community of Practice (CoP) focused on generative A.I. in teaching and learning and we invite you to join. The aim of the GenA.I. in Teaching and Learning CoP is to create a space for cautious, critical, and open discussion and sharing around using (or not using) generative artificial intelligence in the classroom or in teaching and learning work.

We welcome from members and hope to feature presentations or facilitated discussions that:

  • showcase use of GenA.I. in classrooms
  • explore the ethics of using A.I. in teaching
  • demonstrate ways to guide students in the use/non-use of A.I.
  • brainstorm general implications or consequences for A.I. use in any aspect of university work and life

Anyone is welcome to join the GenA.I. CoP, including Dalhousie instructors, graduate students, staff, and faculty. No former experience—and certainly not expertise—in generative A.I. is expected nor required. Reach out to with any questions or to be added to the Teams site.


The GenA.I. CoP will meet monthly. Meetings will alternate between a presentation/workshop session and a facilitated discussion, with topics determined by the membership. Please visit the CLT Events page to view and register for upcoming CoP sessions.

CLT Facilitators

Kate Crane, Educational Developer, Centre for Learning and Teaching
Les T. Johnson, Senior Educational Developer, Centre for Learning and Teaching