Career Resources for Graduate Students

At this stage of your career, you are immersed into academia and its norms, values, and expectations.  Continuing on this path – whether through a PhD, post-doc, or faculty position – is one option, but not for everyone.  You may wish to learn more and consider bringing your skills and knowledge to industry (government, health care, private sector, etc.).

We want to ensure that you have the career resources that reflect where you are in your career journey including career exploration, networking skills, job and interview preparation. Wondering where to start or want to discuss further? Set up an individual career advising appointments with our Career Advisor.

Career Exploration (Academic/Industry)

Start your career exploration journey by considering your skills, interests, and values – these will help you in evaluating career options in both academia and industry. Here are some resources to assist with your exploration.


Networking a deliberate activity to build, reinforce and maintain relationships of trust with other people to further your career goals. The purpose of networking is not to ask for a job, but rather to learn more about a career or industry. Networking may take place in person in an informational interview or conference, or online by email, on LinkedIn, etc. Here are some resources to help you build and leverage your network.

Job Market Preparation

Job preparation seems simple enough, but it is important to make sure you have the right documents to get you the interview. Understanding the differences between a resume and CV, and how to craft a cover letter that will get you noticed by employers takes practice.

Our peer advisors provide advice, support, and coaching to meet your individual needs. 

Interview Preparation

Interview preparation starts before you receive the invitation from the hiring manager.  It is never too early to have an understanding of the different types of interviews, common questions and how to answer with succinctness and effectively.  Here are some resources to get your start with your preparation.  We also provide an opportunity to practice for interviews if you want to practice and receive feedback.