Declaring/changing your major (and minor)

Note: The information in this section is for undergraduate students enrolled in a BA degree (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences) or BSc degree (Faculty of Science).

Why should you declare your major?

  • Your department(s) will know you are in their program(s), and can notify you about departmental events.
  • In your graduating year, the Registrar’s Office checks your Degree Audit to make sure you have fulfilled all of your requirements. They need to know what your program is in order to tell you if you will graduate.
  • Your Degree Audit will be accurate and therefore useful to you when you choose your classes.

What is your degree audit and why is it important?

  • It lists all the courses and requirements that are on your record.
  • It tells you what requirements you have already completed and what you have left to do to graduate.
  • You can plan the courses you are thinking about taking with the course cart.

For information about accessing and interpreting your degree audit.


How to declare

You will declare your program through Dal Online. See When and How to Declare for more information.