Choosing a major (and minor)

Explore your options

While some students know what they will major in before they even arrive on campus, most students are still unsure when the time comes to declare a major—the good news is we can help you figure out a plan!

If you need some help choosing a major, here are some tips:

  1. Find out what your options are. Refer to the undergraduate programs listing for detailed information on each of the major programs.

  2. Research your major/career options at the Student Success Centre or explore majors and careers online.

  3. Know the requirements of the majors you're considering. Have a look at the academic calendar and ask yourself if the classes offered are of interest to you.

  4. Talk to students and professors in programs that you’re considering and/or meet with advisors in the department.

  5. Visit departments you're interested in and check out bulletin boards for posters about seminar series, social events, internships and scholarships.

  6. Take classes in other departments to explore your interests

  7. If you're interested in multiple areas, you might consider doing a double major. and/or a minor.

Before you declare

Success in a chosen career path depends on a combination of interests, skills and aptitudes. Be sure to consider your career plans/interests as well as any future studies that might be required to achieve your career goals.

Keep your options open

Once you declare a major, you can always change it if you decide on another major, or, if you plan to add a minor, pursue honours, etc..  

Attend the Program & Major Expo

Hosted annually, the Program & Major Expo provides an opportunity to explore programs offered by over 50 departments and schools at Dal— all in one location. View exhibits, uncover diverse elective courses, learn about our new minors, and enjoy one-on-one conversations with professors, students, and advisors.

Ready to declare?

You will declare your major through Dal Online. See more information on declaring your major.