Frequently Asked Questions


My Account

General Questions

What is a NetID and how do I get one?

Your Dalhousie NetID provides access to DalOnline, MyDal, Microsoft 365 Email, Brightspace, computer labs, and many other services.

Submitting this form will initiate the one-time process that will activate your account. Complete details about the process will be displayed after submitting.

What are all the different types of balances on my account?

For information about the different types of balances on your DalCard account, visit our DalCard Accounts Explained page.

If I have lost my DalCard but found an old one can I use it?

You are not able to use an old card, you must always use the most recent card. If your card is lost and you need it replaced, visit our card lost or not working page.

How do I change the personal information that appears on my DalCard account?

None of your personal information (address, phone number, gender, marital status, etc) appears printed on the DalCard. That data is managed and can be changed by contacting the Registrar’s Office ( for students or Human Resources ( for staff/faculty.

My login credentials are not working, what do I do?

First, try not including the “” portion. You can troubleshoot your NetID on your own from Lastly, can provide assistance.

How do I request a refund of my Dal Dollars?

You may fill out the Request a Refund form. There is a $25 administration fee that will be withheld from your refund. Refunds are processed in December, April, and August. After the request is processed, please allow up to 20 business days. A cheque will be sent to you by mail. 

PIN Setting/Use

What is my PIN used for?

Your PIN is a personal 4 digit numeric code used in conjunction with your DalCard to gain building access.

How do I get a PIN?

Your PIN is private. It should be set by yourself by logging in to then selecting “Change Card PIN” from the Account menu.


Getting my DalCard

Online Photo Submission

Who is eligible for online photo submission?

Only new-to-Dalhousie students/staff/faculty can utilize the online photo submission tool. Returning persons must visit the DalCard Office with an electronic photo ready, and send the new photo by email to

How long does it take for my photo to be approved?

Students must be registered for courses in the current semester for at least 2 business days for us to produce your DalCard.

I’ve changed campuses (Truro to Halifax or reverse), do I need a new card?

The card will function the same but we recommend visiting us with your old card to exchange for the correct one. 


King's Students

I’m a King’s student; where can I get my ID card and UPass?

The DalCard Office can assist both Dalhousie and King’s College students for both IDs as well as the UPass.

I’ve switched my registration from Kings to Dal or vice versa, do I need a new card?

Yes! Please visit the DalCard Office with your old card and we will print your new one.

Vertical ID Tags

How do I get the vertical ID badge required for my practicum/rotations/job training?

Students: Vertical ID tags must be requested and distributed by your faculty department.

Staff: Please email your student lists with all tag specifications for new classes as well as for replacement tags.

Remote Students Only

Can I have my DalCard mailed to me?

Students enrolled exclusively in remote learning programs can complete the Distance DalCard request form and we will mail your DalCard.


Using my DalCard

Refunds (Purchases)

I made a purchase using my DalCard. How do I get a refund?

Refunds must be authorized by the source of the purchase, not the DalCard Office. IE: your print job failed, speak to the desk staff at that location.


How do I get a Dalplex membership on my DalCard?

Dalplex memberships for full time students are automatically managed by Dalplex and informed by your Student Account fees. All other students can speak with the Client Experience desk at Dalplex about their membership options.

How do I find my Prox number for Dalplex entry?

Your prox number can be found on the back side of your DalCard on the top right corner. You can also retrieve it by logging in to

Food/Meal Plans

I have a question about my residence meal plan. Who do I contact?

Contact the Residence Office on your campus for assistance with residence meal plans. Halifax: and Truro:

Where can I find more information about Off Campus meal plans or purchase them?

Meal Plan information can be found on the Dal Campus Dish website. To make a purchase, you will be prompted to log in to your DalCard account. 

How do I get a refund for an off campus meal plan?

If you are under the 30 day limit for refunds, you may contact for assistance. 

My off campus meal plan is not working – who should I contact?

For troubleshooting Off Campus meal plans, contact


How do I get my library barcode?

Your Novanet Barcode can be found on the bottom of your DalCard or by logging in to

Building Access

How do I get assistance with building access?

(Residence Students): Visit your residence front desk and/or contact the Residence Office by email (

(Staff/Faculty): Email for troubleshooting assistance or have your supervisor email to request new building access on your behalf.


Where can I find information about the UPass?


Staff & Faculty

Deposit DalCard Funds (Internal)

I am a Dalhousie employee who would like to award a prize onto DalCards; how do I go about doing so?

Email an excel document (if list) with Banner numbers, dollar values and the department Org to bill.

I submitted my photo online days ago but my DalCard still isn’t ready. What should I do?

Try logging in using the PIN and Account button on If you can login successfully, please email to verify your photo submission. If you are unable to log in, it is because your account has not yet been created. Please reach out to your supervisor or Human Resources to verify that your paperwork has been completed. Employees on term or contract may additionally require Courtesy Access paperwork completed through Human Resources by their supervisor.