Request a Refund

All of your account balances excluding Foodbucks will carry forward for you automatically as long as your account remains active. Foodbucks will not remain in your account after the end of the April term and cannot be refunded.

Request a refund by completing the form below. A $25 administration fee applies to all requests.

Refunds for current students, staff, and faculty members are processed in December, April, and August, and are limited to one per academic term. Cardholders leaving Dalhousie should allow up to 20 business days for their refund request to be processed.

You are required to fill out a direct deposit form to receive a refund. Please upload your completed direct deposit form with the information below. Physical cheques will no longer be issued. 

Questions? Read your DalCard Agreement [PDF 26 kB]

Refund Request Form


Type 'the balance' if you want all of the funds on your card refunded.

For example: leaving Dalhousie
Please attach your completed direct deposit form so that we can process your refund.

By hitting "submit" you acknowledge acceptance that a $25 administration fee will be deducted from the amount of your DalCard refund.