Card Lost or Not Working?

How to replace your DalCard

My DalCard was lost or stolen

If you lost your DalCard or it has been stolen, you must:

I found my DalCard

If you find your card, log in to MyDalCard to re-activate your card. Once a new DalCard has been issued, your old DalCard is invalid and can not be re-activated.

My DalCard doesn't work

If your DalCard isn't working, contact the DalCard Office and we will help you resolve the issue. Note: once your DalCard has been replaced, the previous card will no longer function.

A $25* replacement fee will be charged for cards that have become damaged due to misuse or improper care.

Cards that have been damaged through "normal wear and tear" will be replaced at no charge. Damage from normal wear and tear includes damage caused by swiping the card through card reader devices.

How to replace your DalCard

Visit the DalCard Office to get a replacement DalCard. 


  • $25* to replace your DalCard
  • $25* to replace your UPass sticker

Payment methods

  • Dal Dollars, debit, credit, cash


* Beginning Sept. 1, 2023