Certificate in Web and Mobile Computing

There is an increased demand in digital technology firms in Atlantic Canada for software professionals, and in particular, those who have specialized in web and mobile developmnet. 

The Certificate in Web and Mobile Computing aims to create a focused pathway for students to develop core skills on web development, mobile development, and user experience design to address this need. It aims to educate students to be application developers with a strong foundation of developing user-centric web and mobile applications.


In addition to the program's required courses, this certificate requires the following three core elective courses:

  • CSCI 5708: Mobile Computing
  • CSCI 5709: Advanced Topics in Web Development
  • CSCI 5601: Designing for User Experience

To complete this certificate, students must select from one elective listed below:

  • CSCI 5306:Topics in Program Comprehension
  • CSCI 5409: Advanced Topics in Cloud Computing
  • CSCI 6307: Usable Security and Privacy
  • CSCI 6609: Ubiquitous Computing