Tuition & support

It pays to study here

We recognize our current Master of Applied Computer Science students and the dedication they've put into their academic studies, and our community here within the MACS program.

MACS merit-based scholarships

There are multiple merit-based scholarships, enabling us to recognize the hard work some of our students have put into their great academic standing.


  • Students must be currently enrolled in the Master of Applied Computer Science program
  • Students must have completed all 3 core courses in a single attempt
    • Students who repeat a core course are not eligible

Note: these awards are chosen by administration and do not require nominations.

MACS Medals of Excellence

$500 - $1000

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals ($1000, $750, $500) will be awarded to three Master of Applied Computer Science (MACS) students who are recognized as the best role models for other MACS students. The medals of excellence are awarded for a student's demonstration of:

  • Leadership, professionalism, and integrity
  • Contributions to and participation in the Dalhousie and Faculty of Computer Science communities through volunteering and extra-curricular activities
  • Academic excellence
  • Being known as a friendly, reliable, and mature person who is respected by faculty and other students
  • Contributions to the discipline of computer science
  • Any other quality that distinguishes the student as a role model for other students

Please note that while academic excellence is important, it is not the most important criteria for these awards. 

Students must be nominated by at least one member of the computer science community (student, staff, faculty). Read our tips for writing your nomination letter. Students will be notified when nominations are open.


More funding opportunities

Community recognition awards

The Faculty of Computer Science offers its own awards and scholarships to energetic and committed computer science students involved with our community here in the Faculty. Ranging from $1,000 to $3,000, the Leadership and Citizenship Awards recognize just how important community spirit and social development are to personal and academic growth.

More on-campus funding opportunities:

Internships & research positions

MACS students can pay part of their tuition through paid internships or research positions. Though the money earned varies, students have found that these positions have helped make the degree program highly affordable.