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On-the-job experience and training

Students in the internship stream will gain hands-on experience and use their skills, education, and knowledge in a real-world IT environment. Here are just a few of things you will experience during your internship:

  • an understanding of how IT is impacting the delivery of services in an application sector, such as retail, logistics, manufacturing, security, customer relationship management, sales and marketing
  • networking opportunities with IT professionals and potential employers
  • a greater chance of being hired by the institution after your internship
  • typical activities may include: software development, systems design, software testing, network management, network engineering, and web and mobile computing

Fast facts about your MACS internship

  • Paid position with an organization that either develops or uses IT
  • Salary ranges from $17-25 per hour
  • Significant portion of the internship must be IT-related work
  • Internships are 1 or 2 terms in length and happen after completing the MACS coursework

Finding an internship 

The process of finding an internship is straightforward and we are here to help you every step of the way. Find out more about the process of setting up an internship.

At the end of your internship

  • You’ll submit an internship report signed by your workplace supervisor
  • You may get an offer of employment from your internship employer or other employers




Internship Stream (Possible Schedule)
Term 1 Mobile Computing
  CS Elective 1
  CS Elective 2
Term 2 Data Management, Warehousing, and Analytics
  CS Elective 3
  CS Elective 4
Term 3 Written and Oral Communication Skills
  CS Elective 5
  CS Elective 6
Term 4 Internship
Final Deliverable Work Term Report & Presentation