During your internship

General information

  1. If any issues arise with your internship, please contact the Co-op Office and the internship coordinator (see contact information below) immediately so that he/she can help you deal with it.
  2. The Co-op Office will maintain communication with both you and your employer during the internship and will take immediate action to address any issues as they arise.
  3. At the mid-point of your internship, the Co-op Office will contact you and your supervisor to check on performance and any other work-related issues.
  4. You must have the opportunity to improve your performance should it not be at the level expected by your employer. In this case, your workplace supervisor should give you feedback on your performance and contact the Co-op Office immediately if there is a perceived problem.
  5. We strongly suggest that you keep a weekly progress report to help you feel more confident and prepared when you write your internship report. In your weekly progress report include such things as:
    • your overall internship goal
    • internship deliverable(s)
    • work in progress
    • work completed
    • any issues encountered that impede your progress
    • on-the-job learning
    • how learning from the Master of Applied Computer Science curriculum was related to your internship work
    • other learning


If you have any questions, please contact graduate@cs.dal.ca.