Engage in cutting-edge research

Students in the research project stream have the opportunity to work in research labs in one of our four main research areas at the forefront of technical innovation. 

Work hand in hand with other masters, PhD, and post-doctoral students and faculty members to complete a project that will provide a useful demonstration of a novel capability using existing technology. Projects may also survey an area that has high tutorial value.

This project stream is intended for students with an undergraduate degree in computer science. Up to three additional undergraduate courses, to be taken in the first two terms in the program, may be required to fill particular gaps in the student's background.

Project stream details

This stream includes coursework consisting of 3 required courses, 5 additional elective courses, and a research project. The student undertakes a research project under the direction of a faculty supervisor. The goal is to gain technical experience in the context of an established research program. The project would start during the third term of the program.

Project report

The project report is submitted in writing and must be presented in a seminar forum before its approval by the supervisor and another faculty member.