Before beginning your internship

If you are not a Canadian student

Upon enrollment to the internship stream, apply for a Social Insurance Number and work permit, if possible. Please note: work permits are required for off-campus jobs but not for on-campus jobs. The internship coordinator will, at your request, prepare the letter required to accompany the work permit request.

General information

  1. You must have finished your first full year of 8 core classes in the Master of Applied Computer Science program before you can do an internship.

  2. If you change from an entrepreneurship or project to an internship, please submit a Program Update Form and let us know.

  3. Register with the Co-op Office to initiate the internship placement process. The office will provide support in securing an internship position, as well as advertise potential MACS internship positions. As a student, you’re expected to apply to the advertised positions to secure an internship.

  4. Start looking for an internship early. January is a good time to start looking if you are planning to do a spring/summer internship. Most organizations do their budget planning in March—if you do not approach them early, they may not have funding for your placement. Keep in touch with the Co-op Office to get news about new internship positions.

  5. Your internship must be related to computer science. While the exact nature of the work might change during the internship, it should always be mostly computer science work.

  6. You must negotiate your own salary with your employer. The minimum salary will be based on the Nova Scotia miniumum wage. Average salary rates are between $17 and $25 per hour. All internships must be paid.

  7. All internships must be a minimum of 13 weeks long. Usually internships are not longer than 16 weeks unless special permission is obtained.

  8. You must have a designated workplace supervisor. You will report to this person and get feedback on your performance from them. Your supervisor will also sign the report that you produce at the end of the internship.

  9. You must work at the organization's location.

  10. If you are doing the program part-time and working in a suitable location for an internship, you may request permission to do your internship at your workplace. You must present a proposal to the Master of Applied Computer Science Committee. The proposed internship must be related to computer science and be approved by the committee.

  11. If you want to do an out-of-country internship, you may request permission from the Master of Applied Computer Science Committee. You must have the employer send the internship information (in English) on company letterhead to the committee. At the end of the internship, the supervisor must also send his/her final assessment of you to the committee.
  12. Please send to:

    Master of Applied Computer Science Committee
    Faculty of Computer Science
    Dalhousie University
    PO Box 15000
    Halifax, NS  B3H 4R2

  13. You must fill out a Student Internship Form [PDF - 75 kB] and submit it to the internship coordinator (see contact information below) for approval prior to starting your internship. Information required on this form includes:
    • your name
    • student ID
    • duration of the internship
    • employer
    • supervisor's name and contact information
    • job description
    • lessons to be learned
  14. You must register for the internship for the term in which you are doing the internship. The internship is a class, so failure to register for the internship may result in the internship not being credited.

If you are unable to secure a paid internship position

You will be given an opportunity to complete a Master of Applied Computer Science project under the supervision of a Master of Applied Computer Science committee member.


If you have any questions, please contact