Career Opportunities

Expanding your career options

A Master of Applied Computer Science degree adds value to your career and will open up new opportunities for you within the IT industry and beyond. You will have the ability to connect with and contribute to the ongoing information technology advancements across all industries. 

Computer Science has it's own vertical within the IT industry, but also cuts horizontally across all other sectors of our economy. Studies have shown that 50% of all the IT jobs in Canada are not actually in the IT sector, but are spread across the rest of our economy. The IT industry's unemployment rate continues to remain low as our graduates remain in high demand.

Former graduates of the program have found work as:

  • Software Engineers
  • Solutions Architects
  • Software Developers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Technical Consultants
  • Analysts
  • QA Experts
  • Senior Mobile Developers
  • Data Warehouse Architects
  • Senior Technical Leads
Find out what our alumni are doing now

Because computer science permeates nearly all human endeavors from business and science to entertainment and medecine, our growing network of alumni is filled with grads that have found work across all industry sectors.