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Admission Requirements

For undergraduate transfer students


At Dalhousie, we value the education and experience that you bring to campus as a transfer student and we want to recognize your hard work. For admission, you need to meet the same course requirements as direct from high school applicants. You may have completed these courses at the grade 12 level or during your post-secondary studies. Competitive admission averages vary by program.

Transfer credit

If you have studied at a university or college that is recognized by Dalhousie, you may receive credit for course work already completed. You can view university and college work that has been assessed for transfer credit in the past on our Transfer Credit Equivalencies Table. If you are a current post-secondary student in Nova Scotia you may also find the MyTransferCreditGuide section of MyNSFuture useful. Please note that courses not appearing in the Transfer Credit Equivalencies Table may be eligible for transfer credit. To receive credit you need:

  • to have paid the $200 admission deposit
  • a final grade of 'C' or higher
  • a course that is equivalent to one offered at Dalhousie
  • a course that applies to your program of study
  • to have completed the course within the time period to transfer to Dalhousie

How does it work?

  • If any of your courses are not listed on the Transfer Credit Equivalencies Table we will ask for a course description or course outline/syllabus. On receipt we will review the course for possible transfer credit.
  • Generally you need to complete at least half of your degree here at Dalhousie.
  • If you completed your courses outside the time period to transfer to Dal, we will ask for more information.
  • Once our assessment is complete we will let you know which of your courses transfer to your new program.
  • Make sure to send in transcripts with final grades as soon as they are available.


Call the Admissions and Transfer Credit Team at (902) 494-2450 or email admissions@dal.ca or transfercredits@dal.ca

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