IB Applicants

As an IB student, you must meet our general entrance requirements. If you are completing the IB Diploma you need at least 26 points (including bonus points) for admission.

IB Equivalent general entrance requirements
English 12 IB English SL or HL
Academic Math 12 IB Math Studies, SL Math or HL Math
Pre-Calculus 12 IB Math SL or HL
Chemistry 12 IB Chemistry SL or HL
Physics 12 IB Physics SL or HL
Biology 12 IB Biology SL or HL


Diploma candidates are eligible for IB scholarships, along with general entrance awards. To be considered, students must submit anticipated IB grades. Visit Entrance Awards for more information about applying for awards.

University credit for IB courses

Dalhousie awards university credit for selected IB Higher Level courses completed with a result of 5, 6 or 7. We also offer a second-year university credit for Theory of Knowledge students who receive a C or better. 

After you have confirmed your offer and received your IB exam results, we will let you know which IB courses transfer to your new program. You should arrange for the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) to send an official transcript of your final IB Diploma or certificate to the Registrar's Office as soon as it is available.

IB transfer credit table 

*Equivalencies can change if a course is re-evaluated.

IB (HL) course Dalhousie equivalent
Amharic A Literature ASSC 1999.06
Arabic A: Language and Literature ASSC 1999.06
Arabic A1 Arabic 3031.03
Arabic A2 Arabic 2999.06 (elective)
Arabic B Arabic 1020.06
Biology Biology 1010.03 and 1011.03
Chemistry Chemistry 1011.03/1012.03 or 1021.03/1022.03 or 1041.03/1042.03
Chinese A1 ASSC 1999.06
Chinese B Chinese 1031 and 1032
Computer Science Computer Science 1100.03 and 1101.03
Economics Economics 1101.03 and 1102.03
English A Literature

English 1000.06
English A Lang & Literature ENGL 1991W.03 and ENGL 1992W.03
Film Theatre 1999.06 (elective)
French A: Literature ASSC 1999.06 (elective) 
French A1 French 2999.06 (elective)
French A2 French 2999.06 (elective)
French B French 1045.06
Geography Geography 1030.03 and Geography 1035.03
German A: Literature ASSC 1999.06 (elective) 
German German 1010.06
Global Politics Political Science 1100.06
History: Aspects of the History of Medieval Europe and the Islamic World History 1999.06 (elective)
History: Aspects of the History of Africa History 1999.06 (elective)
History: Aspects of the History of the Americas History 1701.03 and 1702.03
History: Aspects of the History of Asica and the Oceania History 1999.06 (elective)
History: Aspects of the History of Europe and the Middle East History 1999.06 (elective)
Indonesian Language B ASSC 1999L.06
Information Technology in a Global Society Computer Science 1200.03 and 1999.03
Italian B Italian 2010.06
Korean A: Literature ASSC 1999.06 (elective) 
LAO A: Literature                 ASSC 1999.06 (elective) 
Latin Classics 1800.06
Mandarin B Chinese 1030.06
Mathematics Math 1000.03 and 1010.03 (a grade of 6 or higher may allow you to receive advanced placement credit in Math 1290)

The advanced placement credit for Math 1000.03 will also apply to Math 1215 or Math 1280
Music Music 1003.03 and 1004.03 (students may consult department for Music 1201.03 and 1202.03)
Philosophy Philosophy 1000.06 or 1010.06
Physics Physics 1280.03 and 1290.03
Psychology Psychology 1011.03 and 1012.03
Sociology Sociology/Social Anthropology 1000.06
Spanish Spanish 1020.06
Sports, Exercise and Health Science Anatomy 1010.03 and Kinesiology 1991.03 (elective)
Theatre Theatre 1999.06 (elective)
Turkish A: Literature ASSC 1999.06 (elective)
Theory of Knowledge Philosophy 2999.06 (elective)

At present, transfer credit is not offered for:

  • IB Art History
  • Business Management
  • English A2
  • Visual Art A
  • Visual Art B

Please note: Some classes that appear on this table may not be eligible for credit into the Bachelor of Engineering program. Please contact the Registrar's Office for specific information on credits for the Engineering programs.


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