Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) Applicants

Admission requirements

As a CAPE applicant, you must have completed the CSEC (Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate, commonly referred to as the CXC’s). These results must consist of at least five subjects including English. In addition, a minimum of two 2-unit CAPE subjects are required to be eligible for admission consideration.

You must also meet our general entrance requirements. Please note that specific subject and grade requirements will vary by academic program. Math requirements are met in the following ways:

CSEC/CAPE Math Requirements  
Academic Math 12 CSEC Math
Pre-Calculus CAPE Math


University credit for CAPE courses

Select two-unit CAPE subjects completed with grades of 1, 2, orare eligible for transfer credit consideration. Please see the table below for a list of the CAPE transfer credits that Dalhousie currently offers. One-unit CAPE courses are not eligible for transfer credit.

Please note: the transfer credits a student receives may be impacted by the degree requirements of their program.

How to request CAPE transfer credits

Step 1: Review the CAPE transfer credit table

Please note:
Transfer credits are subject tochange. Due to degree requirements, students in the Bachelor of Engineering program are eligible to receive a maximum of 12 credit hours of transfer credits. Please contact or speak to an academic advisor for more information.

CAPE subject Dalhousie equivalency

COMM 1999.06 (general elective) OR

MGMT 1999.06 (general elective)


BIOL 1010.03 + BIOL 1011.03 OR

BIOA 1002.03 + BIOA 1003.03

Computer Science

CSCI 1105.03 + CSCI 1999.03


ECON 1101.03 + ECON 1102.03

Environmental Science

ENVS 1100.03 + ENVS 1200.03 OR

ENVA 2000.03 + ENVA 2001.03


FREN 1999.06


GEOG 1999.06


HIST 1999.06

Information Technology

CSCI 1999.06


LAWS 2510.03 and 2520.03

Literatures in English

ENGL 1015.03 and 1025.03

Management of Business

MGMT 1999.06 or COMM 1999.06

Mathematics - Applied I

MATH 2060.03

Mathematics - Applied II

MATH 2080.03

Mathematics - Pure

MATH 1000.03


PHYC 1999.06


SOSA 1003.03 and 1999.03 (general elective) 

At present, transfer credit is not offered for:

  • Caribbean Studies
  • Chemistry
  • Communication Studies
  • Electrical and Electronic Technology
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Geometrical and Mechanical Engineering Drawing
  • Spanish

Step 2: Submit CAPE transfer credit request

  1. Confirm your offer of admission by paying your admission deposit.

  2. Complete the CAPE Transfer Credit Form. You can submit your completed form before your final exam results are available. Transfer credits will be listed as pending on your academic record until an official CAPE exam results are received.

  3. You must arrange for CAPE exam results to be sent to the Registrar’s Office directly from the CXC as soon as they are available. Transcripts submitted by a student’s high school are not sufficient for CAPE transfer credit consideration.

Please note: If you have completed post-secondary academic work, in addition to CAPE courses, please visit for more information about how to submit a request form.

Deadlines: Transfer credit request forms and must be submitted before you complete your first semester at Dalhousie.

Processing time: 4-6 weeks.

CAPE scholarships

Visit entrance awards for more information about applying for our scholarships.


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