Healthy People, Communities, & Populations

Healthy People, Communities and Populations Research


Improving health and well-being across lifespan

Dalhousie researchers work across disciplines to advance knowledge that improves our understanding of the biological and social underpinnings of disease, with the goal of developing and implementing evidence-informed interventions to improve wellness and longevity.

We also collaborate with government, industry, and communities to inform and evaluate policies while implementing community-based measures to improve health outcomes for all.

Research areas

  • Infection, Immunity, Inflammation & Vaccinology
  • Neuroscience & Mental Health 
  • Healthy Aging & Healthy Development 
  • Health Equity & Access 
  • Indigenous Health & Well-being
  • Black Health & Well-being
  • Cancer
  • Genomics & Other “omics” 
  • Technologies & Biomaterials 
  • Health Systems Transformation 
  • Prescribing & Therapeutics

Research centers and institutes