Climate Tech and Clean Energy

Climate tech and clean energy research


Accelerating the green energy transition

As the impacts of climate change are felt around the world with increasing force, the need to transition to green energy is increasingly urgent.

Dalhousie researchers are working to develop clean, carbon-free technologies that will support and enable the transition to a more sustainable  future. This effort extends towards the engineering and commercialization of innovative breakthroughs, including long-life batteries for electric mobility, new materials and alternative fuels.

Our research in this area also addresses the economic, social and regulatory issues that are part of any sustainable energy solution.

Research areas

  • Renewable Energy Generation, Storage & Access
  • Clean Water, Soil & Air 
  • Social Dimensions of Resource & Environmental Sustainability
  • Sustainable Tech & NextGen Materials
  • Sustainable & Resilient Built Environment
  • Green Chemistry

Research centers and institutes