Dal's record 136 Academic All‑Canadians celebrated in virtual ceremony

- February 2, 2021

Gracious Kasheke & Diedre Alexander host last year's AAC luncheon
Gracious Kasheke & Diedre Alexander host last year's AAC luncheon

A record number of 136 Dalhousie varsity student-athletes achieved U SPORTS Academic All-Canadian status during the 2019-20 school year.

To qualify as an Academic All-Canadian, student-athletes must maintain a GPA of at least 3.50 over the academic year while competing in a varsity sport. Hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and support are crucial in these students’ lives. 

In lieu of the annual Academic All-Canadian Luncheon, a pre-recorded virtual celebration premiered Monday to showcase the student-athletes who achieved the distinction and recognized all those who play a large role in helping the Tigers succeed as both students and athletes.

'Exemplary student-athletes'

Tim Maloney, executive director of Athletics and Recreation, opened the celebration highlighting the success the Tigers had on the field of play during the 2019-20 season.

“These exemplary student-athletes secured nine of a possible 16 AUS conference championships last year, living up to our expectations and goals of excelling academically and athletically,” he said. “I congratulate the student-athletes who achieved this great honour and thank everyone who has helped them along the way.”

Dal President Deep Saini applauded the student-athletes on their discipline, commitment and exemplary time management and acknowledged the role that Dalhousie’s faculty and staff play in their success.

“Excellence in athletics and academics requires dedication, perseverance and effective time-management, as well as support from family, friends, coaches, teammates, faculty and staff,” Said Dr. Saini. “The fact that 52% of our student-athletes achieved Academic All-Canadian status is truly exceptional. This is a ratio that we should all be very proud of.”

Appreciating mentors

In addition to commending the student-athletes, the celebration also applauded the individuals who have helped the student-athletes achieve their goals: their academic mentors. Honourees were given the opportunity to invite a faculty member to the view event, someone who has been vital to their success as student-athletes.

Shamar Burrows, a fourth-year men’s basketball player, spoke on behalf of the student-athletes to convey gratitude to everyone at Dalhousie who has helped them achieve success.

“On behalf of my fellow Academic All-Canadians, I’d like to express sincere gratitude to everyone at Dalhousie University that helps us reach our academic goals while pursing our athletic dreams. From professors and teaching assistants to the administrative staff from each faculty and the university itself, we really appreciate your hard work, especially now in the face of our current challenges. Without your help, understanding and flexibility, many of us would not be receiving this honour.”

Third-year women’s soccer player Zoe Brown closed out the event by acknowledging the role that family, friends and coaches have played along the way.

“My fellow student-athletes and I would not be able to enjoy the success we have had without the support of our coaches, families and friends,” said Brown. “I’d like to thank our coaches for believing in us as athletes and supporting us as students as we prepare for our future careers. To our families and friends, especially our parents – you have been with us from the very beginning getting us to and from training and helped us celebrate the highs and comforted us during the lows. Your support means the world to us and we can’t thank you enough.”

View the 2019-20 Academic All-Canadian celebration video.

Dalhousie's Academic All-Canadians – 2019-20

Faculty of Agriculture
Margaret Dewar, Track & Field
Maria Duynisveld, Track & Field

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Jacob Bolton, Soccer
Sarah Gierling, Curling
Matt Green, Hockey
Chloe Richardson, Soccer/Track & Field 

Faculty of Computer Science
Alec Karlsen, Swimming
Emilio Roche, Soccer

Faculty of Engineering
Matthew Coolen, Track & Field
Alec Freeman, Cross Country/Track & Field
Peter Greechan, Track & Field
Andre Hendricks, Track & Field
Lorena Heubach, Track & Field
Brenna Kettlewell, Soccer
Amelia Lane, Swimming
Matthew Manuel, Curling
Oluwatobi Oshikoya, Track & Field
Reilly Pickard, Hockey
Julia Sarty, Swimming
Samuel Wade, Basketball
Lauren Williams, Swimming
Kaitlyn Woodworth, Soccer

Faculty of Graduate Studies
Jeffrey Arkin, Soccer
Kristen Bartmann, Volleyball
Sarah Dawe, Volleyball
Tyler Immel-Herron, Swimming
Brent Martindale, Basketball
Emma Moore, Cross Country/Track & Field
Jessica Needham, Cross Country/Track & Field
Catherine Thompson, Cross Country/Track & Field

Faculty of Health
Abu Osba Abdelrahman, Soccer
Haley Birrell, Soccer
Devon Bode, Soccer
Skyler Bryant, Soccer
Alex Carson, Basketball
Melanie Clayton, Cross Country/Track & Field
Abbey Corish, Swimming
Will Cox, Cross Country/Track & Field
Harmon Grimshaw-Surette, Cross Country/Track & Field
Hudson Grimshaw-Surette, Cross Country/Track & Field
Emily Hamilton, Cross Country/Track & Field
Maggie Hosmer, Track & Field
Renata Kingston, Cross Country/Track & Field
Rachelle LaLande, Soccer
Dan Lord, Track & Field
Samuel Maillet, Basketball
Lauren Mosher, Swimming
Fabiana Petricca, Hockey
Danika Phillips, Hockey
Adrianna Pilgrim, Swimming
Nick Robertson, Cross Country/Track & Field
Annika Rose, Hockey
Katelyn Scott, Basketball
Madeline Shivgulam, Swimming
Chelsea Slawter Wright, Basketball
Georgia Waller, Cross Country/Track & Field
Isabella Weist, Hockey
Amy Wilson, Hockey

Faculty of Management
Callum Campbell, Volleyball
Brett Crossley, Hockey
Ben Dornan, Swimming
Quinton Dowling, Volleyball
Jonathan Goodridge, Cross Country/Track & Field
Aidan Goslett, Cross Country/Track & Field
Ben Grondin, Soccer
Jack Hanley, Hockey
Vienna Harwood, Volleyball
Duncan Henry, Soccer
Aiden Jamieson, Hockey
Alex Knesaurek, Soccer
Callum Legge, Soccer
Jesse Lussier, Hockey
Nyle MacLeod, Soccer
Blair Miller, Cross Country/Track & Field
Quinlan Park, Soccer
Campbell Pickard, Hockey
Kevin Resop, Hockey
Daniel Rosen, Cross Country/Track & Field
Josh Touw, Soccer
Keevan Veinot, Basketball
Kyle Yewchuk, Hockey

Faculty of Medicine
Micaela Sabean, Volleyball

Faculty of Science
Anika Almero, Volleyball
Cassandra Bagnell, Volleyball
Eden Bishop, Track & Field
Marley Blommers, Basketball
Alyson Bodner, Soccer
Noah Brake, Swimming
Jacob Branchflower, Swimming
Zoe Brown, Soccer
Kaelyn Budden, Hockey
Shamar Burrows, Basketball
Hannah Chadwick, Basketball
Lise Cinq-Mars, Swimming
Anthony Cormier, Track & Field
Riley Donovan, Soccer
Lauren Ellerton, Hockey
Tori Fitzpatrick, Cross Country/Track & Field
Kathleen Fougere, Volleyball
Darby Gielewski , Swimming
Haley Glazebrook, Soccer
Annabel Gravely, Soccer
Jacob Halloran, Cross Country
Victoria Haworth, Volleyball
Emily Holt, Basketball
Paige Jamieson, Soccer
Gracious Kasheke, Soccer
Sydney Kenney, Soccer
Elizabeth Klimm, Hockey
Karina Koepke, Soccer
Sarah Kromberg, Cross Country
Morgan Leon, Soccer
Duncan MacIntyre, Hockey
Olivia MacIntyre, Soccer
Taylor Mattinson, Track & Field
Martine Nyhof, Swimming
Josie Oickle, Soccer
Raeghan O’Leary, Hockey
Minwoo Park, Basketball
Sarah Preston-Thomas, Track & Field
Ariel Provo, Basketball
Samuel Prystupa, Soccer
Brooklyn Rawlyk, Cross Country
Emilio Rodriguez, Soccer
Michael Rogers, Cross Country
Olivia Ross, Track & Field
Isabel Sarty, Swimming
Luc Sauze, Swimming
Arjun Sethi, Soccer
Andrew Shewfelt, Hockey
Temi Toba-Oluboka, Track & Field
Maya Venkataraman, Soccer
Claire Yurkovich, Swimming

This story has been corrected to include a newly discovered student-athlete, (Maggie Hosmer, Faculty of Health) who achieved Academic All-Canadian honours during the 2019-20 season as a member of the women's track and field team, bringing the total to 136, not 135 as was initially reported.


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