Why Medical Sciences?

Prospective students

Looking for a program that has your future in mind? Take a quick read of the information below. You will find that Dalhousie's Medical Sciences program is designed to include all of the experience and flexibility you need to pursue your dreams of a profession in the health field, including medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, nursing, occupational therapy, optometry, ultrasound technology (to name a few!), graduate school, or employment in related medical science fields. Want more information? Contact medscadv@dal.ca.

Current students

If you are a current student, you can read more about what Medical Sciences has to offer you. View the honours application, learn about student societies, look up your academic advisors, and more.

A future that's as flexible as the muscles you'll study

Today you may know what health profession you want to pursue, but in four years that could easily change. No matter what your next step, a degree in Medical Sciences prepares you, guaranteeing that you'll have many professional paths from which to choose.

Getting you one step closer to your dream profession

The intent of this program is to help you confidently take the first step of the journey to a profession in biomedical sciences. This program can deliver everything you want and need in an undergraduate degree.

Is professional school in your future?

While we can't promise a guaranteed acceptance, a degree in Medical Sciences builds the foundation that medical schools, pharmacy schools, dentistry programs, nursing programs, and many other health-related professional programs across Canada require.

Need a road map from A to B?

We've done all of the heavy lifting for you. We guide you to ensure you have the courses you need and the preparation required for post-graduate progams, including entrance exams and interviews, all built directly into one degree.

Want flexibility to decide as you go?

As much as this program prepares you for a post-graduate health-related profession, it also gives you plenty of options and experience to pursue a future in academia, industry, government, and other biomedically-related fields.

Need a launching pad?

We want to set you up for future success as much as you do. With courses like anatomy, microbiology, neuroscience, and sociology of health, you'll be ready for everything from professional school interviews to grad school.

Reducing worries while increasing options

Want options? Medical Sciences delivers. Here are a few career paths that our graduates have pursued:

  • doctor
  • dentist
  • pharmacist
  • veterinarian
  • nurse
  • physiotherapist
  • researcher
  • lawyer
  • optometrist
  • radiological technician
  • nuclear medicine technician
  • ultrasound technician
  • medical laboratory technician
  • social worker
  • hospital administrator
  • public health administrator
  • government researcher or administrator