BSc (Medical Sciences)

BSc (Medical Sciences) - 120 credit hour

Medical Sciences offers a 4-year, 120-credit BSc (Medical Sciences) program (non-Honours). It will provide an educational experience that offers a broad, interdisciplinary background in all relevant subjects in biomedical sciences. The BSc (Medical Sciences) degree also meets the general degree requirements for the Faculty of Science. The program may fulfill the Dalhousie Faculty of Graduate Studies requirements for graduate school, but be sure to check with each departmental and graduate school program, as there may be additional, specific requirements.


In addition to the courses listed in the Medical Sciences Core Curriculum Map (2023/24) [PDF - 86kB], students must ensure that they satisfy the requirements outlined in the “Degree Requirements” section for the College of Arts and Science. For the required Writing class, students can choose from the list of “Writing Across the Curriculum” approved classes. We encourage students to take the course from the English department, as many professional schools require an ENGL course as a pre-requisite for entry. Before selecting a writing course, students are encouraged to consult the advising sheet (2022 23) [PDF- 253KB] for a list of courses fulfilling the Writing requirement.

More information about the BSc (Medical Sciences) option can be found in the Medical Sciences section of the Dalhousie Academic Calendar.