BSc (Medical Sciences) Honours

BSc (Medical Sciences) Honours - 120 credit hour

Students who want a challenging program resulting in a broad background in medical sciences, including independent research experience, may want to enroll in an Honours program. An honours degree in the Medical Sciences program aims to prepare students for graduate studies in a number of medically related fields. In addition to specific course requirements with a minimum GPA of 3.3 (changing to 3.0 in 2020), students must identify a faculty member who has agreed to be their research supervisor. Students will have the flexibility to do their honours research in a laboratory of their choice (Faculty of Science, Faculty of Medicine, or other), subject to the approval of the honours coordinator. All students conduct an independent research project in their final year under the supervision of a faculty member and a presentation of the thesis research in an honours student research forum will be required.

Students should consult with an advisor and choose their electives and selectives carefully in their second, third and fourth years to ensure that they are prepared for Honours and potentially graduate studies in their field of interest. Students with an honours degree will also be well prepared for entry into professional schools.


In addition to the courses listed in the Program Course Requirements, students must ensure that they satisfy the requirements outlined in the “Degree Requirements” section for the College of Arts and Science. For the required Writing class, we encourage students to take the course from the English department, as many professional schools require an ENGL course as a pre-requisite. Before selecting a writing course, students are encouraged to consult the advising sheet (2022 23) [PDF- 253KB] for the list of courses fulfilling the Writing requirement.

More information about the Honours option can be found in the Medical Sciences section of the Dalhousie Academic Calendar.

For information on how to apply for an Honours in Medical Sciences, go to the Honours Application.