Office Staff

Executive Director - Sidney A. IDEMUDIA

Sidney is a Nigerian who emigrated to Canada for an undergraduate education.  He graduated from Dalhousie University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Materials (Metallurgical) Engineering.  He has hands-on experience in project management, team leadership, fundraising and strategic decision-making.  He has also been an active volunteer within the broader community and enjoys engaging in activities that act towards his personal development.  He is highly involved with sporting activities to strengthen his mind, body and physique.  Through his school training and past experiences, Sidney provides Imhotep’s Legacy Academy with a positively interactive work environment and brings a high level of professionalism to its workplace.


Phone: 902-494-7884
Email: or

Administrator - Wanda L. COLLEY

Wanda Colley was born and raised in Beechville, Nova Scotia. She earned her Bachelor of Commerce (Accountancy) from Concordia University, Montreal, PQ; and a Diploma in IT and Computer Studies from Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, NS.

She is a self-published author of poetry and creative non-fiction, and has experience in systems development and support, financial management, and web development.

She has been honored to witness and to contribute to ILA's growth.


Phone: 902-494-2400

Strategic Marketing Specialist (Co-op) - Tabitha EVBOROKHAI





Phone: 902-494-1746


Outreach and Communications Officer - Nzingha MILLAR





Phone: 902-494-2742


Program Manager - Asher TRIM-GASKIN

Asher hails from the beautiful island of Barbados. His leadership qualities emerged as a delegate of the Global Youth Leadership Conference as an early teen. He is an avid sportsman--having represented the island in swimming and rubgy and he is a 23-year classical violinist--10 of which were spent as first violin in the Barbados National Youth Orchestra. In 2017, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a Certificate in Genetics from Dalhousie University.  During his time at DAL he was President of the Caribbean Connection Student Society for two consecutive years and more recently, he was a Teaching Assistant for second-year Genetics and Diversity courses.  To further satisfy his love for community development and leadership, Asher leads a youth group and plays violin in the band of his local church Deep Water.  The 2018-2019 program year was Asher's first year as the ILA Program Manager.


Phone: 902-494-4037
Email: or or

Virtual School Program (VSP)

VSP Tutor - Tarmy ABBOT (on-Co-op term in Winter 2020)

VSP Tutor - Ikeoluwa ADEBOLA BELLO


VSP Tutor - Akili CYRUS (on-Co-op term in Winter 2020)

VSP Tutor - Amin DAOUD

VSP Tutor - Ogheneovie Samuel DJETORE

VSP Tutor - Mariam EL-SERAFI

VSP Tutor - Cyerra GIBSON

VSP Tutor - Mariam HIBA

VSP Tutor - Zibani MASIMO

VSP Tutor - Nour OBEID

VSP Tutor - Isaiah READE

VSP Tutor - Corey SAWYER (on-Co-op term in Winter 2020)

VSP Tutor - Jesimiel UGBEBOR

After-School Program (ASP)

ASP Site Coordinator (HRM) - Namoi OWUPELE (Dartmouth)

ASP Site Coordinator (HRM) - Brenda WAMBUI (In-School Outreach)

ASP Site Coordinator (HRM) - Raven GHAZZAWI (Halifax)

ASP Mentor (HRM) - Beraki ABRAHA

ASP Mentor (HRM) - Kwaku AGYARE

ASP Mentor (HRM) - Samuel AKANO

ASP Mentor (HRM) - Jasmin DESMOND

ASP Mentor (HRM) - Afomia GEBRE

ASP Mentor (HRM) - Vanessa THOMAS

ASP Site Coordinator (Wolfville) - To be staffed

ASP Site Coordinator (Wolfville) - Tavashna ROMER (Canning)

ASP Site Mentor (Wolfville) - Wellington BULLARD

ASP Site Mentor (Wolfville) - Sierra HILL-WILLIAMS

ASP Site Mentor (Wolfville) - Kiara WILLIAMS

ASP Site Mentor (Wolfville) - Anushan RAJENDRAN

ASP Site Coordinator (Truro) - Deng Khot MABIL

ASP Mentor (Truro) - Vera LARBI

ASP Mentor (Truro) - Michelle MALLOWA

ASP Coordinator (Antigonish) - Kamy ROBERGE CARRINGTON

ASP Mentor (Antigonish) - Jasonique MOSS

ASP Coordinator (Sydney) - To be staffed

ASP Site Mentor (Sydney) - To be staffed

FIRST LEGO League Program (FLL)

FLL Coordinator (Halifax) - Samuel OKOROAFOR

FLL Mentor (Halifax) - Sungwoo SONG

FLL Mentor - Jasiel AUSTIN

FLL Coordinator (Truro) - To be staffed

FLL Mentor (Truro) - To be staffed

iCODE+ Program (iC+)

iCODE+ Coordinator (Halifax) - Ines HAMAM

iCODE+ Mentor (Halifax) - Olashile ADEBIMPE

iCODE+ Mentor (Halifax) - Chiyedza MUGAVAZI