History of ILA

In the spring of 1999, a science outreach workshop was organized by Dr. Kevin Hewitt in Vancouver for kindergarten to grade 8 African Canadian students.  This event was dubbed "Imhotep's Legacy Project I."  Hewitt’s experiences with this project and his involvement with the Afrocentric Science Academy led to a discussion with Wayn Hamilton and conceptualization of a series of Imhotep’s Legacy Projects.

Hamilton had a good handle on the realities surrounding the elementary and post-secondary schools in Nova Scotia. He identified Barb Hamilton-Hinch, who came on board to lend her connection to the Black student body at Dalhousie University. 

Major program milestones:

2003-2004: Project III was implemented as an after-school program at Caledonia Junior High School in Dartmouth

2004-2005: Project IV was implemented at Caledonia Junior High School and St. Patrick’s Alexandra School

Years later, with the dedication of many, Imhotep’s Legacy Academy operates across Nova Scotia, influencing the lives of the youth by making STEM subjects accessible and interesting while also supporting their academic success. Currently, ILA’s programs work with junior high, high school and university/college students.

Download the Imhotep’s Legacy Academy – Timeline of Development [277 kB]