Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)


Technical Specifications

Ground penetrating radar detects electrical discontinuities in the shallow subsurface (<50m) by generating pulses of high-frequency electromagnetic energy and detecting the reflections from the subsurface. Sensor and Software’s pulseEKKO PRO is useful for mining and quarrying, geotechnical and environmental, forensics, archaeology, glaciology and structure assessment applications.  The pulse EKKO Pro is a configurable product enabling advanced survey types; the operating bandwith ranges from 12.5-1000 MHz, and the fully bistatic design allows for variable antenna offsets and orientations. There are a number of deployment configurations that can be targeted for specific applications. Data is viewed and processed in EKKO_View, EKKO-Mapper and EKKO_3D software.

Applications to Research

Kelly, T. 2014. Reservoir performance and architecture of a fluvial meanderbelt system, Joggins Formation, Nova Scotia (M. Eng. Thesis)

Vaughn, M. 2011. High Resolution Radar Stratigraphy (GPR) of Braided Channel Complexes in the Triassic Wolfville Formation - Controls on Reservoir Heterogeneity (B.Sc. Honors Thesis)