Certificate in Science Leadership and Communication


The Certificate in Science Leadership and Communication aims to highlight the following aspects of a students's undergraduate program in science that includes the following:

  1. Leadership development through the sciences
  2. Communicating Science
  3. Ethics in Science
  4. Understanding the nature of science and how it works
  5. Practicum in leadership and communication in science

This certificate program is designed to provide Dalhousie science graduates with an opportunity to start to develop these skills during their undergraduate years.  Housed within the Faculty of Science, this certificate, not offered elsewhere in the country, serves to differentiate Dalhousie Science graduates. The focus of the certificate is on developing leadership and communication skills specifically in and through the sciences, and enabling Dalhousie science graduates to better understand the nature of science, the process of change, and to have the skills to communicate and to lead others effectively.

In our fast-paced ever-changing world, our students and graduates will find themselves in situations where they are called upon to explain their science, to serve as the scientific “expert” within a community, to lead a group through a decision-making process, run a lab or a working group, respond to the media on scientific topics, or any number of other situations where skills in leadership and communication will be vital.  Change and advancement in society, and in science, requires effective leadership and communication. 

Throughout their lifetime our students and graduates will move in and out of such roles, and equipping them with the skills necessary to have the confidence to contribute positively, to represent their science for the benefit of society, and to know their own values, strengths, and vision, will serve them, and society, beyond their years at Dalhousie.

Contact Us:

Dr. Kerrianne Ryan
Program coordinator