The Faculty of Science offers three certificates that may be of interest to Earth and Environmental Sciences students.

Certificate in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

A Certificate in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)  is for students majoring in environmental areas and wishing to pursue additional training in EIA. This certificate is also available for students in International Development Studies (IDS) in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the College of Sustainability. Completion of the Certificate will be shown on a student’s transcript.

Certificate in Geographic Information Science (GIS)
The GIS certificate program provides training and experience in geographic information science as part of an undergraduate degree program, usually in Earth Sciences, Environmental Science or Biology, and prepares students for further study or employment in the area. The Certificate requires the completion of GIS-related courses and completion of a major project that involves work with geographic information systems. Students enrol in the GIS Certificate by contacting the Certificate Coordinator. Students may enrol in their second, third or fourth year of study, but early enrolment is advised.

Certificate in Science Leadership and Communication
The Certificate in Science Leadership and Communication aims to highlight the following aspects of a students's undergraduate program in science that includes the following: leadership development through the science, communicating science, ethics in science, understanding the nature of science and how it works, practicum in leadership and communication in science.

For a full listing of certificate options, visit the Faculty of Science's Certificates and Diplomas page.