Peng Zhang

Professor & Graduate Coordinator

Phone: 902-494-3323
Mailing Address: 
Department of Chemistry
Dalhousie University
6274 Coburg Road
P.O. Box 15000
Halifax NS B3H 4R2
Research Topics:
  • Synchrotron X-ray spectroscopy
  • Nanoparticles
  • Catalysis
  • Biomedicine
  • Nanotechnology
  • Materials


  • B.Sc.,  Jilin University, China
  • M.Sc., Jilin University, China
  • PhD  University of Western Ontario
  • PDF, McGill University

Research interests

Our research focuses on understanding the structure and properties of nanomaterials using synchrotron X-ray spectroscopy (e.g. XAFS, XPS). Of particular interest are metal nanoparticles (e.g. Au, Pt, Pd, Ag) prepared by wet-chemical method with applications in catalysis and biomedicine.

Selected awards and honours

  • Editorial Board Member, J. Phys. Chem. A/B/C/Letters (ACS) (2018.01-2020.12)
  • Distinguished Lectureship Award, Japan Society for Molecular Science (2017)
  • Faculty of Science Killam Research Award (2015)
  • Harry Shirreff Prize for Excellence in Research in Chemistry (2012)
  • Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) Leader Opportunity Fund award (2006)

Selected publications

  • “The Surface Structure of Silver-coated Gold Nanocrystals and Its Influence on Shape Control,”  J. Daniel Padmos, Michelle Personick, Qing Tang, Paul Duchesne, De-en Jiang, Chad Mirkin, Peng Zhang*,  (Nature Communications, 2015, 6, 7664 )
  •  “The Impact of Protecting Ligands on the Surface Structure and Antibacterial Activity of Silver Nanoparticles.” J. Daniel Padmos, Robert T.M. Boudreau, Donald F. Weaver, and Peng Zhang* ( Langmuir  2015, 31, 3745 )
  • “Role of Au4 Units on the Electronic and Bonding Properties of Au28(SR)20 Nanoclusters from X-ray Spectroscopy.”  Daniel M. Chevrier, Chenjie Zeng, Rongchao Jin, Amares Chatt and Peng Zhang* ( J. Phys. Chem. C. 2015, 119, 1217)
  • “Surface Reconstruction and Reactivity of Platinum-Iron Oxide Nanoparticles.” Paul N. Duchesne, Guangxu Chen, Xiaojing Zhao, Nanfeng Zheng and Peng Zhang* ( J. Phys. Chem.C. 2014, 118, 28861)
  • “X-ray spectroscopy of gold-thiolate nanoclusters.”  P. Zhang* (J. Phys. Chem. C., 2014, 118, 25291)