Carlie  Charron

Assistant Professor

Phone: 902-494-4025
Mailing Address: 
Lab Rm 515 Office Rm 526 Department of Chemistry
Research Topics:
  • peptide chemistry
  • medicinal chemistry
  • radiochemistry
  • organic chemistry
  • BSc, Dalhousie University
  • PhD Western University
  • PDF University of Melbourne

Research Interests:
Our research focuses on the synthesis of three-dimensional peptide architectures capable of targeting diseased cells. Our research merges the fields of peptide chemistry, medicinal chemistry, nanochemistry and radiochemistry.

Selected Awards and Honours
Kaye Merlin Brutton Bequest Research Funding, University of Melbourne, 2017

Selected Publications
  • "Structure-Activity Study of Ghrelin(1-8) Resulting in High Affinity Fluorine-Bearing Ligands for the Ghrelin Receptor" C.L. Charron, J.Q. Hou, M.S. McFarland, S. Dhanvantari, M.S. Kovacs, L.G. Luyt (J Med Chem, 2017, 60, 7256)
  • "Molecular Imaging Probes Derived from Natural Peptides" C.L. Charron, J. Hickey, D. Cruickshank, T. Nsiama, L.G. Luyt (Nat Prod Rep, 2016, 33, 761)