Supervisory and Examining Committees

Supervisory Committee

Members of the Supervisory Committee are selected by the thesis supervisor, in consultation with the student, and approved by the SIM Director. The Committee should complement the expertise available to the student in completing their research program (see regulations in most recent Graduate Calendar).

The Supervisory Committee is comprised of three members. It normally consists of two faculty members from the School of Information Management, one of whom is the direct thesis supervisor, and one external member.

All members of the committee must be acceptable to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Normally the agreement of all committee members is required before a department brings forward a thesis for examination.

Examining Committee

The Examining Committee is comprised of four members. It is composed of the SIM Director as Chair, a minimum of two members of the Supervisory Committee, and one External Reader who was not on the Supervisory Committee (preferably, external to the School). Recent External Readers have been external to Dalhousie.

The SIM Director, in consultation with the student's thesis supervisor, will select the External Reader. When the External Reader has been confirmed, the student and the supervisor must not have direct contact with the Reader until the examination is completed.