Taking Electives Outside SIM

Being allowed to take classes in other schools toward the MLIS lets you explore intersections that you may not have considered—I loved Indigenous Perspectives and Natural Resources, because it reflected my experience, and it fit with my interest in indigenous people and legal information."
Lori O'Conor (MLIS/LLB 2008)

Dalhousie Electives

In order to broaden their programs, students are encouraged to take academic elective courses (5000/6000/7000 level) offered outside SIM; a maximum of 4 half-credit courses may be taken outside the School. 

Note: Advance approval must be obtained from the course instructor and the MI Program Coordinator.

Classes at Other Universities

If you're a current Dal student and have completed your first year of study, you may be able to take a class at another institution and obtain credit toward your Dalhousie degree; read more about this option.