Director, Information Programs; Chair, Department of Information Science (DIS); MIM Academic Director: Sandra Toze

Sandra Toze
  • MIM and MI academic advising
  • MIM and MI academic program enquiries
  • Human resource development
  • MIM and MI reading courses
  • MI theses

CEGE Acting Director: Michelle Hunter
MPA(M), MBA(FS), and MIM

Michelle Hunter
  • Program management
  • Relation management (internal and external stakeholders)
  • Marketing & promotion
  • Strategy & planning

Master of Information Staff



MI Program Manager: Vacant
  • Academic advising
  • Program inquiries
  • Course selection
  • Practicum placements
  • Internships and job postings

MI Program & Admissions Support Specialist: Kim Humes

Kim Humes
  • MI general queries
  • MI admissions and recruitment
  • Events, communications, and marketing support

Master of Information Management Staff



MIM Admission & Registration Coordinator: Sarah Hayes-Brown

Sarah Hayes-Brown
  • MIM application
  • MIM registration
  • Program inquiries
  • General queries

MIM Administrative Associate Director: Michelle Hunter

Michelle Hunter
  • Program management
  • Student/alumni relations
  • Graduate coordinator
  • Office management
  • Marketing & promotion

MIM Integrated Learning Coordinator: Morven Fitzgerald

Morven Fitzgerald
  • Course management
  • Instructional design
  • Online students support
  • Instructor support