Student Responsibilities

Before beginning

Students must:

  • Review all components of the Thesis Guide to ensure they are aware of deadlines and requirements.
  • Meet with the SIM Director.

FGS regulations

Students are expected to have read the FGS regulations for Thesis Supervisors and Supervisory Committees, and Thesis in the most recent Graduate Calendar


When MLIS students undertake the writing of a thesis, they assume several responsibilities:

  • to choose a topic (often with the supervisor's help) and to produce a thesis that is their own work;
  • to produce a thesis which meets the standards of scholarship required by the University and SIM, including demonstration of their capacity for independent scholarship and research in their field;
  • to acknowledge direct assistance or borrowed material from other scholars or researchers;
  • to realize that the supervisor has other duties which may at times delay the student's access to the supervisor at short notice;
  • to give serious and considered attention to advice and direction from the supervisor;
  • to submit their work to the judgment of SIM and to abide by its decision when any rights of appeal, if exercised, have been exhausted;
  • to familiarize themselves with SIM and University regulations and standards to which the writer of a thesis is required to conform;
  • to present their thesis research at a SIM research event or public lecture.