The thesis supervisor submits the thesis, in written form, to all members of the Examination Committee in a timely manner.

Examination of an MLIS thesis is conducted by the Examining Committee either by use of oral defence or by written submission.

A thesis will normally be assessed according to the following Faculty of Graduate Studies categories:

  • approved as submitted;
  • approved upon specific corrections being made (a clear timetable for completion of the revisions must be presented to the student, normally with a maximum of one month to complete the revisions);
  • rejected but with permission to re-submit a revised thesis for re-examination (a clear timetable for completion must be presented, normally with a maximum of one year to re-submit);
  • rejected outright.

In the case of an outright rejection or rejection with a right to re-submit by a specific date, the MLIS Program Coordinator must send a written notification of failure to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. A thesis that is "rejected outright" results in failure of the MLIS program.

In exceptional cases, with the unanimous agreement of the examiners, the designation "Approved with Distinction" may be awarded.

All members of the Examining Committee must sign the Masters Thesis Approval Form (see Thesis Guide) which the student will submit to FGS upon final thesis submission. FGS will accept multiple copies of this form, if necessary, to accommodate anyone who participated remotely in the defence. Contact FGS in advance if multiple copies will be submitted.

NOTE: when the supervisor signs this form, he/she acknowledges that he/she has read and understands the Dalhousie Thesis Licence Agreement.