Shelley Gullikson

Systems Librarian (Web, Communications and Interface Design), Carleton University Library 

Most exciting part of your job? Being inspired by all the fabulous things librarians and libraries are doing all over the place. So much possibility!  

Most rewarding part of your job? I work in the back office now, so I no longer get those great moments with students at the reference desk or in a class. But I have a passion for user-centred design and user-centred service and I’m extremely lucky to work with a lot of people who share that passion. I think we do good work together, steadily making improvements. Plus, we have a lot fun doing it, which is even better.

Favourite aspect of your job? I love the variety of things I get to do; every day is different. And I have some entirely wonderful colleagues.   

Has serendipity played a role in your career? Absolutely. That circuitous career path was not due to clear planning on my part! I have been extremely lucky to meet and work with the people I have at the times I did.

In your professional life, do you consider yourself to be a systems thinker? Someone who thinks outside the box? Does this carry over into your personal life? I probably am a systems thinker as I’m pretty keen on context and the big picture, but I can also deal with the details. As much as I like thinking (outside the box, inside the box, why there needs to be a box in the first place), in my work I like turning that thinking into something concrete. In my personal life, I may be more likely to revel in the thinking – the more off-the-wall the better.