Madeline Driscoll

Manager, IM Policy, Service Alberta (Government of Alberta)

Have you followed a circuitous path to your current position, or a straightforward path? Looking back, the education and work that I did leading up to my current position seems straightforward; however while I was figuring out where I wanted to be and the work I wanted to do, it certainly did not feel that way. The ability to complete the MLIS/MPA degrees concurrently provided the right perspective and skills to get me where I am today. 

In your professional life, do you consider yourself to be a systems thinker? Someone who thinks outside the box? Does this carry over into your personal life? In the information management policy environment, being a systems thinker is integral! I think outside the box, in the box, above the box, etc etc. The 'box' gives you a framework to work from, the ability to explore new options and ideas, while considering the assumed limitations.

Words of advice for MLIS students? Is there anything you wish you had known when you entered your professional that would be helpful to someone entering it today? 1) Volunteer or work part-time in your professional field.  2) Never undervalue yourself, be confident in your skills and knowledge. 3) Be gracious to others. Respect is the strongest bond between people.