Outstanding Alumni Award

Celebrating outstanding alumni achievements

Each year the Associated Alumni of Dalhousie University’s School of Information Management present the Outstanding Alumni Award to honour a member who "has made an outstanding contribution to Library and/or Information Management."  In selecting the winner of this award, the Associated Alumni seek to honour remarkable records of professional responsibility, scholarship and publishing, innovation and leadership, service to our professional community and to the community-at-large.  All of this, along with a demonstrated healthy dose of enthusiasm, commitment and dedication to our field are characteristic of SIM alumni!

Call for Nominations

This award honors a member of the Associated Alumni who has made an outstanding contribution as an information professional. Please help us to select the next illustrious recipient of this award. Consider taking the time to review the award guidelines [PDF - 105 KB] and submit a nomination to draw our attention to a great colleague.

Submissions and Deadline

Nomination details for the current year coming soon.

In the meantime, contact the OAA Chair with questions.

Nominations will be received by email only; receipt of submissions will be acknowledged by email. Nominations of persons previously nominated, but not chosen, may be resubmitted.

  Outstanding Alumni Award Recipients
2021 Tanja Harrison (1996)
2020 no recipient
2019 M.J. D'Elia (2004)
2018 Fiona Black (1993)
2017 Heather Berringer (2003)
2016 Crystal Rose (2005)
2015 Susan Cleyle (1988)
2014 Lou Duggan (2000)
2013 Barbara Shuh (1976)
2012 Patrick Ellis (1988)
Margaret Murphy (1976)
Terri Tomchyshyn (1981)
Penny Logan (1985)
Ilga Leja (1977)
Donna Bourne-Tyson (1990)
Mark Leggott (1986)
2004 Judy Dunn (1983)
2003 Marie DeYoung (1980)
2002 Catherine Quinlan (1980)
2000 Marilyn Rennick (1976)