reimagine NS

2020 has brought its share of challenges. What will a reimagined future look like for our province? We put academic and community experts together with access to the best research and data available and see what opportunities are possible for Nova Scotia.

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Replay: Care and Connect

What have we learned that can help Nova Scotia support vulnerable populations and strengthen its healthcare workforce?

Replay: Learn and Work

How can Nova Scotia invest in communications technology to support a diverse, digital-ready workforce and make data accessible to decision makers?

Replay: Create and Commemorate

How can art support healing, connection and community, and how can we support careers for artists in our province?

Replay: Support and Protect

What have we learned from the pandemic, mass shootings and police brutality that can change how we access resources, safety and justice?

Replay: Cultivate and Consume

Nova Scotia is one of the most food insecure provinces in Canada. How can we ensure our food systems are foolproof against future disruptions?

Nova Scotia's Promise, Reimagined

How can we come together to keep moving forward, prosper and build a stronger Nova Scotia? Join the conversation and find out how you can play a crucial role.