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Congratulations to the Class of 2022

Posted by Faculty of Management on June 28, 2022 in Students, Alumni & Friends

On June 2 we cheered on our 2022 graduates as they crossed the stage in person for the first time since 2019. Meet some of them here:

Mona Agada, a black man with a short beard and moustache, sits on a sofa in the lobby of the Rowe building with his arms resting on his knees and hands clasped. He is wearing a white buttoned shirt and jeans. His medium-length locs are gathered into a high ponytail.Seeing it through

Enemona Agada was attracted to the Bachelor of Management program because he was curious about how businesses work. When juggling more than one job on top of a full course load proved challenging, he sought and got the help he needed to turn it around.

Kayler Mutyabule, a Black woman with her long hair pulled back, stands in front of a black wall with the Dalhousie crest on it. She is wearing a black graduation robe with a brightly coloured kente sash overtop of a pink blazer and black pants with sparkly earrings and hair clips. She holds her diploma and a bouquet of pink flowers, and she is smiling at the camera.Knowing her worth

During her time in the Commerce Co-op program, Kayler Mutyabule used her experience to help make the new Supply Chain and Logistics Management major a place where all students could see themselves.

Francesca Hawkes, a white woman with long dark blonde hair smiles at the camera. She is wearing a blue sweater and a necklace with interlocking circles. She is sitting in front of some trees with a city skyline in the background.Building on passion

Francesca Hawkes brought her passion for sustainability to the Corporate Residency MBA program, where she developed the business acumen to inspire and implement change in corporations.

Patrick Law, a man with short brown hair, a moustache and beard, stands under a tree with one hand in his pocket. He is wearing a light blue button-up shirt and blue jeans and smiling while looking directly into the camera.Pivoting cross-country

Patrick Law was a chemical engineer in Calgary who wanted to advance his career and make more time for his three children. He enrolled in the MBA Financial Services blended/online program and moved to PEI to concentrate on family, entrepreneurship and investments.

Rebecca Osamudiame, a Black woman with medium-length hair, stands next to a balcony in the Rowe building. She is wearing a white, blue and beige dress and gold hoop earrings. In one arm, she holds her son, a Black toddler wearing jeans and a blue shirt. She holds his hand with her free arm, and they both look at the camera, smiling.Taking it further

Rebecca Osamudiame came to the Master of Science in Business program because she wanted a new challenge. Her professors helped her hone her research skills and push further to find a thesis topic she was passionate about.

Poppy Riddle, a white woman with long grey hair that falls over one shoulder, smiles at the camera with her hands clasped in front of her. She is wearing a long floral dress and glasses.Finding what she needs

Poppy Riddle made the leap from industrial designer to grad student and information researcher. In the MI program, she found what she needed to fuel her passion and natural curiosity.

Jason Swinamer, a white man with glasses and short dark hair parted on one side, stands leaning against a railing with his hands clasped. He is wearing a pink t-shirt with a small cartoon dog in the top corner and smiling while looking into the camera.Mid-career shift

In the MIM program, Jason Swinamer found a lifelong network and levelled up his knowledge management skills to ascend the ranks at ADP.


Byungmin Kang, a Korean woman with medium-length brown hair featuring light highlights, sits sideways on an armchair in the lobby of the Rowe building in front of a panel window with trees visible in the background. She is wearing a floral top and glasses, and smiling at the camera with one arm rested on the back of the armchair in front of her. Finding the right path

Now at the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, MPA grad Byungmin Kang found her ideal work in public service after deciding that education wasn't a good fit for her.  

Katie Moran, a white woman with White woman with wavy brown hair and blonde highlights in front of an Indigenous carving. So much to learn

MPA(M) graduate Katie Moran found an opportunity to formalize her management skills and apply learning on intergovernmental relations and Indigenous leadership to her work at the Terrestrial Cumulative Effects Initiative.

Juan Chavez Cabrera, a Latin American man with medium-length brown hair and brown eyes, smiles at the camera. He has a short beard and moustache, is wearing a long-sleeved blue shirt and leaning with his hands clasped on a railing in the Rowe Building in a relaxed pose.Finding his place

Juan Chavez Cabrera came to the MREM program with a background in geochemistry and mining exploration and an interest in how resource management works behind the scenes. Now he's working in risk management at Environment and Climate Change Canada.

A composite of two photos. Photo one shows Stella Bae standing in a forest with brightly coloured leaves on the trees behind her. She is wearing an orange coat and glasses. Photo two shows Amir Alavi sitting in a meeting room, wearing a suit with a red tie and glasses.Inaugural cohort

Stella Bae and Amir Alavi are among our first Master of Digital Innovation graduates. Students in the program get the skills and experience to manage change and identify opportunities in the ever-evolving digital landscape