Innovation is about doing old things in new ways, doing new things in unexpected ways, solving old problems with new solutions, and utilizing technology to improve economic and societal outcomes. —Kevin Lynch, Vice-Chair, Bank of Montreal

The Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Minor in E & I) has been designed to provide students from any participating Faculty at Dalhousie University with knowledge, skill and mindsets related to the foundational concepts (entrepreneurship and innovation) and the capacity to translate these outcomes to any future workplace or new business venture.

The Minor is available to undergraduate students in the following Faculties:

Students in the Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Management programs also have keen interest in innovation and entrepreneurship. The Major in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is tailored for those in the Bachelor of Management program, and the Major in Entrepreneurship is built for those in the Bachelor of Commerce looking to develop skills and knowledge in these areas. In fact, BMgmt and BComm students take many of the same courses that are part of the Minor.

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is available to students across all faculties. If you consider the Minor but decide it will not work with your existing degree requirements, consider the benefits of adding a certificate to your educational experience.