The 2nd Viscount Bennett Roundtable on International Economic Law

Join us for the the 2nd Viscount Bennett Roundtable on International Economic Law to discuss the Modernization of Canada's Foreign Investment Act - National, Regional and International Implications.

In December 2022, the Government of Canada announced their decision to modernize the Investment Canada Act (ICA), known as the National Security Review of Investments Modernization Act. The ICA was established to provide investor certainty while reserving Canada's ability to block individual investments under specific circumstances. The ICA is designed to encourage investment, economic growth and employment and will only intervene when an investment is not of net benefit to Canada or would harm national security.

Canada is a big player in international investment law. The modernization is taking place amidst ongoing reform of international investment law which has not centered substantive concerns. Similarly, geopolitical and strategic threats faced by Canada. As such, while Canada's foreign investment review regime aims to strike the right balance between promoting foreign direct investment and protecting Canada's interests, it also raises important questions of the wider implications at the international level.

The practitioners and academics on the panel of the Second Viscount Bennett Roundtable on International Economic Law will analyze the implications (national and international) for Canada's international investment regime.

Panel Members:

Moderator: Olabisi Akinkugbe, Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University


Faculty Interest, Student Interest




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Free event, open to the public.