OYB Student Prize

The Ocean Yearbook is a leading peer-reviewed publication in the marine affairs area produced jointly by the International Ocean Institute and the Marine & Environmental Law Institute at Dalhousie University, NS, Canada. It is edited at Schulich School of Law with the assistance of an international advisory board.  Volumes 1-19 have been published by the University of Chicago Press.  Transnational Publishers began publishing the Ocean Yearbook with Volume 20, and Martinus Nijhoff/Brill started publishing the Yearbook with Volume 21.

The Ocean Yearbook has initiated an annual competition for students writing research papers on marine affairs subjects. Eligible students are persons registered for a degree program at any university or other tertiary education institution.

Marine affairs subjects are deemed to include coastal and ocean policy, integrated coastal management, community-based or co-management of natural resources, law of the sea, domestic marine environmental law, etc. The themes may be sectoral (e.g., fisheries, marine transportation, security, mineral resources, tourism, marine scientific research and technology, etc.), multisectoral, or integrated (e.g., sea-use planning, regionalism). Papers may have international, national or comparative perspectives. Papers with a strictly or narrowly scientific theme are not admissible.

The papers will normally be between 25-30 pages (text, letter size), well-researched and well-written, cited and footnoted, and presented in the Chicago style format (see current edition of the Chicago Manual of Style or past editions of the Ocean Yearbook). Sole-authored student papers submitted for the competition must be nominated by the instructor or supervisor of the course taken by the student, and must have submitted for the course within the last 12 months of the competition’s annual entry date, May 15th. The Yearbook's guidelines for authors may be requested from the Editorial office at ocean.yearbook@dal.ca or viewed at the OYB Guidelines.  The Editors will be looking at the following criteria in considering submissions: originality or unique qualities, organization of the paper, quality and extent of research, writing and citation.

The successful author will have his/her paper published in a subsequent issue of the Ocean Yearbook. The Editors will constitute the judging panel, and may refer submitted papers for external peer reviewing. The Editors reserve the right to admit or reject any paper.

The deadline for submissions is the end of day on 15 May 2024, with results being announced by 15 July 2024. Papers should be submitted electronically in Word or Wordperfect.  All enquiries and paper submissions should be directed to the Co-Editor, Ocean Yearbook Editorial Office.

EDITORS: Scott Coffen-Smout, Patrícia Galvão Ferreira, Moira L. McConnell and Sara L. Seck.

Scott Coffen-Smout, Co-Editor
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